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Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

Rehabilitation at ProActive Chiropractic & Wellness

Here at ProActive Chiropractic & Wellness, we strongly advocate active lifestyles and preventative measures to avoid injuries and enhance the quality of life.  In the event of an injury, we use innovative and individualized programs to assist in alleviating pain, stabilizing the injury and regaining strength in the area.  An initial visit consists of a one-on-one educational assessment and treatment with the doctor.  Each subsequent visit will consist of the patient checking in at the front desk, receiving the individualized routine set at that first visit, and heading directly back to our cutting-edge rehabilitation room to begin treatment. 

The goal of a well-designed rehabilitation program is to re-establish the balance between strong and weak muscles by remodeling the soft tissue. ProActive regularly attends seminars to be able to educate patients in the most up to date techniques. In conjunction with our strong rehabilitation program, we also offer injury prevention programs.  These programs are personally tailored to individuals ranging from the most elite, professional athlete working to stay healthy throughout training to seniors that want to strengthen themselves to avoid falls.

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