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Low Back Pain

About 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and a leading contributor to missed work days.   Low back pain is mostly commonly an acute condition, caused by an accident, poor posture or our daily environmental conditions.  About 20 percent of patients with low back pain become chronic patients.  Chronic low back pain is typically from acute patients that have not sought out proper treatment, structural damage or other underlying causes.  

Neck Pain

There are many different reasons for people to have neck pain.  Acute cases, like motor vehicle accidents, sports or falls, leaves the patient more susceptible to structural damage like breaks, sprains and strains.  These cases are always handled with extreme caution and if warranted, sent out for imaging.  Each case is individualized, but can be corrected with chiropractic adjustments, muscle work, rehabilitation or any combination thereof.  Other reasons, such as stress, poor posture, sleeping wrong or work conditions, can give similar pain and stiffness, and corrected the same way as acute neck pain, but also by removing the source.


Sciatica is one of the most common issues seen in the office.  The sciatic nerve comes out of the spinal column in the lumbar spine and travels down the gluteal region and into the legs.  The nerve can become inflamed in the lumbar region (disc issues, spinal stenosis, etc…) or in the pelvic region (piriformis syndrome, compression during pregnancy), causing pain, numbness and weakness sometimes all the way into the foot.  We will do a series of tests upon the initial exam that can determine the origin of the condition and be able to treat it properly.  


Headaches have become an increasingly prominent issue, due to the nature of our society.  The majority of jobs today are desk jobs, the amount of reading in a school curriculum has increased, the pace of life today is a lot faster and a lot more stressful than 20, 30, 50 years ago.  Headaches can stem from a number of reasons, whether it be functional, structural, psychological or metabolic.  During the initial exam, we will get to the root of the problem and treat appropriately.  Headaches can be debilitating, causing you to miss out on things in your life.  Don’t let them go on any longer.


Peripheral neuropathy refers to the conditions that result when nerves that carry messages to and from the brain and spinal cord from and to the rest of the body are damaged or diseased.  A neuropathy is a common issue that can be caused by many different things.  Your leg falling asleep is an example of a very minor and temporary neuropathy.  Nerve damage due to diabetes is another more severe form of a neuropathy.  The objective with neuropathy cases is simply to free up the pathway from the brain to the affected part of the body.  This can be done through chiropractic adjustments, muscle work or rehabilitation.